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      Dick, recalling a wide, spacious cement-floored parking space at a nearby bathing resort, had suggested setting down there. As he read the note Jeff shook his head.

      Jeffs hand flashed down, the wrench, with a twisting, underhand fling, spun through the air. Jeff dropped into the cockpit. The wrench struck, hitting the mans arm and deflecting the muzzle of his weapon as it explodedbut he did not drop it.Si wrested the gun from him. Two or three other boys who had been attracted by the shot came up at this moment. Si gave the prisoner into the charge of one of them, with instructions to take him to the rear. Nate released his hold on his gun and made a jump for the one which the other boy had stood against a tree when he started to take hold of the prisoner. Again Si was too quick for him. He was by this time so angry that he was in the mood to give Nate a severe lesson, but the Adjutant, had ridden forward, called out:

      Ive discovered that Captain Parks has a hand in this somehow, Larry determined, as he saw the mariners eyes shift. Larry followed the swift, instantly changed direction of the seamans glance.

      I dont think sobut I dont know for sure who it is. But I do mean to ask you if youd like to help me, and I dont think it would be against robbers but against somebody that wants to destroy the Everdail Emeralds.

      "Mister Daniel Elliott, Company Q, 200th Indiana Volunteer

      If he is Mr. Everdail, after all, Larry said.


      The teamster did as he was bid, and drove on till they came up to where the boys were sitting on a fence-corner waiting for them.




      148"What's the matter with you, Shorty? Why don't you come in to supper?" called out Si. "It's a mighty good square meal. Come on in."