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      He stood looking at her, with knit brows.

      Norman pulled at his cigar. It was some one I met abroad, he said. She was the loveliest, sweetest But you dont want me to rave about her. I was madly in love. Im madly in love still; but it wasnt any use. She said, No, andand I came away and left her. Ive been trying to forget her, but I havent succeeded very well. I suppose I shall some daywhen Im ninety, or thereabouts.

      When Norman looked from that face to the hole, something went thrilling warmly through all his veins.

      I knowI know! he said.

      The doctor nodded, with a little triumphant smile about his big, strong mouth.


      I agree, he said. Im quite willing that you should shoot me now and here, Mr. Howard, if it would help to set matters straight and restore Esmeralda to her husband and happiness. Take me to her.One evening, about a week later, he was leaning against a tree beside his tent, when he saw the doctor coming from the hut. Something in his gait, in the poise of his head, sent the blood to Traffords face. He came forward eagerly, with the unspoken question in his eyes.


      Lady Wyndover trembled.What we want, he said to the man who was sent after it, is the first-rate article. None of your blank wicker things, but a splendacious set-out that swings under a kind of tent, you know. And its got to have plenty of satin and lace about it, mind you; real satin and real lace. Never you mind the blank expense. The Orphan of Three Star is going to have the spankest cradle the earth can produce, or Three Star will know the reason why.