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      It may be noticed that all machines, except milling machines, which act in straight lines and produce plane surfaces have reciprocating movement; the class includes planing, slotting and shaping machines; these, with lathes, constitute nearly the whole equipment of an ordinary fitting shop.Somebody was in this hangar the day Jeff made his pretended forced landing, he told himself. We saw him. It wasnt a mistake. We all saw him and that proves he wasnt just a trick of light in the hangar.

      When I reported the occurrence in De Tijd, I was fully conscious of the frightful accusation implied by my information; but I am prepared to confirm with the most sacred oaths that nothing in this accusation is untrue or exaggerated.No, Dick agreed, seeing no fun in the situation for once. See! There is a motor connected to a big drum up in the top of the hangar, and the door is counterbalanced so that turning the drum winds up the cable that pulls it up. I suppose the motor reverses to run it down and

      He looked down.Mimi?

      But instead of waiting to tell his chums his great discovery, instead of keeping vigil, Sandy went away from there as fast as he could walk.They laid the body on a sofa, and the trio left the Corner House. They were very silent as they walked along.

      Once I enjoyed the pleasure of partaking of such a "dinner," as the guest of Professor and Mrs. Noyons. The company was very mixed, and men who never in their lives had ever done anything else but spoiling their eyes for the sake of science, by reading all manner of ancient manuscripts, were now busy, dressed in a blue apron, stirring the soup and mashing potatoes or vegetables. The menu comprised nothing but potatoes, a little vegetables, and a finely calculated piece of meat.Near each staircase stood a blackboard on which the Germans had written that to go upstairs was prohibited under penalty of death. The Head explained that the Germans alleged that light signals had been given from the top storey.

      Dick rose to meet the man, tall, quiet, and with a smile of greeting on his face that belied the creases of worry around his eyes.

      I think we found the life preserver that they might have had on board the seaplane all the time. And the other onewe never thought of the yachts name being painted on its own things. So we took it for granted that we had the real hiding place.


      53A drawing being inked in, the next things are tints, dimension, and centre lines. The centre lines should be in red ink, and pass through all points of the drawing that have an axial centre, or where the work is similar and balanced on each side of the line. This rule is a little obscure, but will be best understood if studied in connection with a drawing, and perhaps as well [84] remembered without further explanation.


      We all thought it went back to the yacht, Larry finished his sentence for him.


      Sandy, his face moody, said nothing.But Dick grinned and shook his head.