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      No, to-night! she exclaimed, rising with a sudden light in her eyes. I want it all over at once. I want to go back to the old life this minute. Im longing to see them all, to look upon the faces that dont smile and smile at you while they stab you in the back, to see, once more, honest men, with too much grit in them to buy and sell women, to deceive a girl because she is a girl and is ignorant of the ways of the world! Take me to them now, at once, Varley!Then find her!

      Pity you werent here in the afternoon and secured one of those berths before the gentleman who took them. Hes a lord, I seeLord Norman Druce.

      She greeted him with the quiet nonchalance which we favor nowadays, the quietude and repose which must be observed though our hearts are breaking: and not until they had taken[152] two or three turns round the room did she speak; then she said:

      I hope Trafford has not tired you, my dear! he said. Come and tell me what you have seen. And he motioned her to a chair beside him.Yes? said Esmeralda, vaguely wondering why he wanted to bother her, and how soon she could get back to the terrace, where Traffordher Traffordwould be waiting for her.

      "Then yonder they come. See? two or three tiny, needle-like--h-m-m!--just over that farth'--?"

      When they entered the drawing-room, Trafford took her hand, and led her up to Lilias.



      "Yes, but there's the trouble. He's no one lady's man. Like Steve, he's so absolutely fair--"