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      The discovery turned her sick and faint. That any one should deliberately try and take an innocent life like this filled her with loathing.


      "Yes, I was," he replied; "she's got more sense in a minute than Camille's got in a week," and shut the door between us."Close by the door of this establishment there was an opium den, where a dozen or more men were intoxicating themselves with opium, or sleeping off the effects of what they had already taken. We just looked in for a moment; it was so much like the place of the same kind that we saw in Shanghai that we did not care to stay, and, besides, the smell was very bad and the heat almost stifling. The Cantonese are said to be just as inveterate smokers of the deadly drug as the people of the North; in fact, it is about the same all over China, and with all classes that can afford to indulge in the vice. Only the middle and poorer classes go to the shops to smoke opium. The rich people can enjoy the luxury at home, and some of them have rooms in their houses specially fitted up for it.

      "This is the way," another gruff voice said. "He's here for any money.""Miss Lawrence meant well," Balmayne said, "but really there was no occasion to send for you at all. A mere accident."

      "She ain't awa-ay."

      "Strange to say," Lawrence proceeded, "almost immediately there was a tragedy at the Corner House, just on the lines of my story--the story that I said I should probably never write. Now that was very strange."


      "Take them," she said hoarsely; "take them and write me a receipt at once before I repent. Better do anything than come between a woman and her jewels. There, a glass of wine. To your speedy ruin and destruction.""But must you always be like this?" he began, with a suppressed crying note in his voice. "Is there no hope for you?"


      The white look did not even vanish when Hetty spoke of her previous night's adventure.Both thanked me and buckled on their belongings, but Ferry's look was peculiarly intelligent; "I was in the small parlor, looking for you," he said; "I thought you would be near the music." And so he had seen Gholson with his revolver on him, and must have understood it!


      But, faithful to duty, in our work we'll ne'er cease"So called."