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      Then I belong to you altogether, Varley? she said.We are not so arrogant and foolish, he said. Believe what I saythat they will be very glad.

      She repeated it.Is there no coach, no vehicle, to take me? asked Trafford.

      You mean a good marriage? said Lord Selvaine.Some persons think it rather dismal, he said. But that, I think, is because of the story connected with it.

      Norman! she repeated, dully.

      Great Heaven, she is more lovely than ever! murmured Lord Selvaine, startled, for once, out of his cynical calm.


      They had turned down a hill, and were approaching West Wickham. The horses were going at a rattling pace; but he noticed, with an admiration that he could not withhold, that she kept them in hand firmly and with perfect ease.The man growled and looked at Varley appealingly.


      Lord Selvaine leaned forward, still smoking.


      Yes, she has left me, he repeated; but I am desirous[321] of finding her, and I am going to Three Star for that purpose.