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      "I stay here," he said, trying to sound as decisive as possible.

      "And Rose?"

      When he left her, ten minutes later, she struck him as better. He could not quite smother the hope that Dr.[Pg 118] Espinette was mistaken and that she would recover with nursing and care. After all, even the doctor himself had said that one could never be certain. He felt his spirits revive, and called Beatup to go with him to the hop-fields."By my faith, Sir Robert," said De Boteler, "Stephen Holgrave wants no counsel while that old dame so ably takes his part. But a truce with this mummery. Come alongour time is more precious than wasting it in hearing such varlets."

      He must escape, for if he surrendered now the battle was over, and he would have betrayed Boarzell the loved to something he loved lessloved less, he knew it, though he wavered.

      A passage was instinctively made for the dignitary, who walked majestically on till he stood before the bench, and then pausing, he said in a clear, firm voice



      "Ho, afeard of you, am I?and because you're a[Pg 205] youngster? I'll justabout show you wot a youngster's worth. A better man, are you?Put up your fists, and we'll see who's the better man."


      "He wants justabout all of uswe've got to push on the farm."